About us

Mosaico has developed its interests in several areas since it first started operations in 1998: managing museum systems and historical, artistic, environmental, archaeological and architectural heritage; organising exhibitions, musical, artistic, cultural and sporting events, happenings, shows and thematic evenings for museums, theatres and trade fairs; researching, devising, designing, producing, making, promoting and selling publishing materials, printed reproductions, multimedia materials and merchandising in general, specifically related to projects in the fields of tourism, art, music, culture, sports and the heritage of museums, archaeology and tourism; planning, creating and managing services related to the area of advertising and publicity, including market surveys, conducting advertising campaigns, creating spots and web pages, also by using multimedia and electronic computer technology systems of all kinds and in all formats; advertising campaigns in newspapers, magazines, periodicals, radio and television networks, the internet, roadside hoardings and posters on public transport vehicles, banners and standards, posters, stickers, flyers and advertising inserts; researching and buying advertising spaces in news publications, on television and radio and in websites.

These activities involve providing ticketing, reservations and pre-sales services - including creating advanced ticketing systems that may feature electronic payment systems - bookshops, hiring audio and video guides, teaching systems and guided tours, including for children and schools, call centre services, information and public assistance services, wardrobe, surveillance, guard, reception and tourist information services and catering and café services.

Mosaico also works as a publisher in the areas of art, tourism and gift volumes.

In addition to all this, Mosaico provides services of consultancy, strategic back-up and institutional relations, communication activities and commercial promotions for organisations operating in the areas of infrastructure, finance and commerce.